How to Ace Middle School

Middle School is an important time in your life. It may be difficult and full of challenges. However, read on and you can find how to not only to survive Middle School- but also ace it.


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    Be organized. If you stay organized, you will surely have all your materials and be prepared to complete all your assignments and get a good grade. Organizing is one of the basic keys to school success, so be sure to keep your locker and everything you need, organized, though some middle schools do not have lockers.
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    Pay close attention in class. If the class is boring, try your best to pay attention and find a way to stay interested in the subject.
    • This means taking good notes, focusing your attention on the teacher, and following directions. If you follow directions, you will succeed when you learn. If you don't follow directions, you won't learn, and won't succeed in school either.
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    Study, study, study! Studying helps you retain knowledge. If you know information from previous years, school will be easier to deal with than you might think. Review all the key points in every subject that you had, and study a little bit more for tests. Try to study for about an hour, beginning a couple nights before your test. Never cram your study time, but instead plan your studying period several days before hand. That way, you'll be prepared with less stress.
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    Sleep more. If you can't sleep, see tips on sleeping better. Sleeping will give your mind a rest, making you energetic when school starts. Always get at least 8-10 hours of sleep during your pre-adolescent and adolescent years. Good sleep habits will help you in the long run. It's a good idea to wake up at least an hour earlier than when you have to leave for school. Most 11 year old girls need about 10 hours of sleep to look, feel and BE their best. So remember to have a nice long sleep before you go to school each day (e.g. If you have to wake up at 6 a.m., you should try to be in bed by 8 p.m.).
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    Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating healthy things will improve you listening capability to the teachers and will make you ready to go. Make sure to eat protein like eggs or bacon over sugary foods. The sugar will perk you up in the short term, but you will then crash, causing it to be more difficult for you to concentrate.
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    Always get your homework done right when you get home. This leaves more time for fun things but also makes you more responsible.
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    Ask questions when you are confused. The teacher most likely wants to answer any questions you have about what they teach. If you are too embarrassed to ask in class, (which you shouldn't be), ask the teacher in private, such as after school. You can't learn anything if you don't understand it. Usually when they talk about something you don't understand, and you don't ask about it, it'll lower your grade when you miss those questions on the test. Teachers are there to help you learn, not intimidate you.
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    Don't overbook yourself. It's good to be involved in sports, clubs, or other extracurriculars, but don't join so many that you are unable to do well.
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    Respect others. Be respectful to your peers and teachers. If you do, people will respect you more and you will likely never get in trouble. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. If you make a good impression at the beginning of the year, the teacher will believe and trust you if you are accused of something. Don't think that that means you can get out of trouble you cause though!
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    Make friends! It's especially important in middle school to make some really good friends. They're your support group and your lifeline in middle school. If you have good friends, they'll be able to support you all through middle school and help you to achieve your very best..
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    Don't bring phone or other electronics unless you can stay focused with it, it can distract you easily. Don't text in class, it can get you in a lot of trouble, or even get your phone taken away. Only use or have out your phone and other electronics when you have permission from a teacher to do so. Remember that it can be disrespectful to the teachers if you have it out behind their back. If you do have your phone or other electronics with you, keep it on silent. It can detract your peers from learning and interrupt the teacher's teaching if your electronic goes off in the middle of class.


  • When you're absent from class for more than one day at a time, get makeup work and study from your textbooks, copy any notes your friends may have taken, ask your teacher for extra help and get with one of your classmates to come over after school or meet you somewhere quiet (such as the library) to explain the material to you.
  • Teaching yourself a little bit of the next grade during the summer can help you.
  • Don't talk too much in between class. You will be late, causing you to miss instructions or get in trouble.
  • Be prepared to go to and from school with all of your materials. Take a pencil and your homework back to school, and make sure you bring your homework home.
  • If you notice you have a harder time in a specific subject, read books, articles, and other external resources about what you're talking about in that subject. Don't be afraid to ask for help either.
  • When you don't fully understand something, stay after school to get extra work or to have certain concepts explained to you. Never stay after class unless you have a free period or study hall because when you are late to your next class, it not only upsets the teacher but makes you fall behind in whatever they learned or completed while you weren't there.
  • Be focused on your subjects, then you can keep up the good work.
  • Keep your stomach full. A hungry stomach will always sabotage your studies and homework
  • Ask the teacher about papers you should keep or toss. They will know if you will need it again for reference, or if it is no longer needed. If it is not needed, or no longer needed, throw it out to stay organized.
  • Eat right.
  • Eat healthy, be prepared in school, and never be distracted from other things.
  • You should leave your phone in your backpack or locker, so you will not be distracted by it during class.
  • Its always important when you eat breakfast in the mornings when you have a test. Certain foods can help you success, while others can bring you down. The night before, eat carbohydrates and drink lots of liquids. On the morning of the big test, eat a large amount of proteins. This should help you out a lot.
  • You can also and always ask a parent. They will most likely be able to help you.


  • If you do better than other students, do not appear to be a show-off. Instead, be a role model to other students.
  • If other students are bugging you about being smarter than they are, try to help them do better or just ignore them.

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