How to Ace a Management Interview

You have applied for management position at a successful company and have been called back for a job interview. Now you will have to do well at the management interview so that you can land the job. Here are some tips to follow on how to ace a management interview.


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    Learn as much as you can about the company. Start preparing by collecting as much knowledge about the company as possible. The more you know about the company you are aiming to work for, the easier it will be to show your interviewer that you are the right person for the job.
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    Memorize important information like key dates and facts. If there are important dates that stand out regarding your career you should have them memorized so you will not have to use a paper copy much. Also, try to memorize some important facts about the company. Not only will you impress the interviewer with your knowledge of the company you want to work for, you will come across as well prepared and confident.
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    Prepare interview questions that you can practice answering. Interviewers will ask questions regarding your strengths and what makes you management material. You should also have a planned out answer to the question "why should we hire you?" Your answers should showcase your talents and strengths, and tell what you can bring to the company. If your interviewer asks you what your flaw is, list just 1 and also mention steps you have taken to correct it. You may also be asked to describe your management style.
    • When answering questions about salary, be careful of your answer. Giving a number that is too low can make you seem less qualified for the management position. Answering too high can cost you the job. The best thing to do is to do a little research prior to the interview. Research other companies and find out their salaries for managers. When answering the question in your interview, answer with a range.
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    Practice your responses to questions. The best way to practice is to use something that will allow you to see yourself, such as a mirror, a video or even a friend to help you. This way, you can see for yourself how you sound and look. Do you seem confident? Do your answers come across as too rehearsed?
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    Arrive early on the day of the interview. Get to the interview about 15 minutes early. You do not want to be running in the office at the last minute, and you definitely do not want to be late.
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    Walk into the office with confidence and a smile. As you enter the office, stand tall with your head up and shoulders back. Exude confidence that you are the right person for the management position. Shake your interviewer's hand with a firm shake.
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    Repeat the interviewer's name when you first meet. Repeating the name back will help you to remember it. Also, use the interviewer's name in key points during the interview. This will show the interviewer that you are able to listen.
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    Take your time when dealing with difficult questions. Give yourself a couple minutes to structure your answer before you begin, especially when you're answering a case question. If applicable, write down your plan attack so you don't become flustered and forget later.
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    Keep track of the body language of your interviewer. If they respond positively to your answer, you'll know you're on the right track. If they seem to be guiding you in another direction, let them. The interviewer knows the answer that they are looking for. If you start to veer off track, they'll probably give you little clues or ask specific questions to try to make you stop and rethink how you're answering the question.

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