How to Ace a Class

Are you tired of failing, or getting mediocre grades? Learn tips and tricks for acing a class, and turn your grades around.


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    Own your grade. It is you who is responsible for your own grades, and nobody else. You might make excuses, but you have to change up your thinking. The first thing you must do is realize that it isn't the teacher, or the textbook, or the students that are going to determine if you will do well in or fail the class.
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    Take notes. You absolutely have to take notes, it's the only way you'll remember the content of the lecture. If the lectures are long, you may want to have a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee before the class, to keep you awake and alert during the whole thing.
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    Study hard. Don't just take notes on the lectures--take notes on the textbook too! Are there math or science problems in the class? Do as many practice problems as you can. This is maybe the most important step, as in classes, if you have a bad teacher, you can't always count on the lectures.
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    Get some people to help study with you. It's not fun to study by yourself. Invite a few of your best friends or classmates over and form a small study group. Have a time every week to work on each persons worst subject. Remember to not get distracted and start getting off topic. If you want to ace that certain class studying will be important. It'll be fun and helpful at the same time!
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    Prepare for tests. Make sure to study hard for these! Make sure you've completed all the memorization you need. A couple hours before the test, have some green tea, it has enough caffeine in in that you'll be alert, but won't be hyper.


  • Don't be afraid to contact the teacher (or TA) if you have a question-it's what they're there for!
  • Don't let yourself slack off. This can often lead to a pattern of slacking off, which will lead to bad grades and failure.

Things You'll Need

  • Motivation
  • Drive

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