How to Accessorize Your Maternity Wardrobe

Three Methods:Adjusting Your WardrobeAccentuating Your BellyMinimizing Your Belly

Wearing maternity clothing during your pregnancy can often feel stifling. If you only purchased a few basic pieces of maternity clothing, you can spice up your outfit with fun and exciting accessories. Start by adding some basic pieces to your everyday outfit. As you progress in your pregnancy, you will decide if you want to emphasize your growing baby bump or downplay your larger size. Either way, you can still look fantastic by adding some new embellishments.

Method 1
Adjusting Your Wardrobe

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    Wear comfortable and stylish shoes. As your pregnancy progresses, you should avoid heels. Thanks to swollen and aching feet, you will want extra support throughout the day. Find a pair or two of comfortable flats.[1] You want shoes that are easy to put on without having to bend over. Try to get a pair half a size up to help with swelling. Some ideas include:
    • Ballet flats with embellishments like rhinestones or bows
    • Gold or silver sandals
    • Leather clogs
    • Fleece-lined boots[2]
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    Find large sweaters. Oversized sweaters are fashionable when you have a small baby bump, and they will continue to fit you as your tummy grows. Try to look for sweaters that have a long length and an open front.[3] Avoid denim or other rigid fabrics. You may gain weight in your arms, which will make these jackets tight and constricting. Some good options include:
    • Roomy knit sweaters
    • Soft, flowy cardigans
    • Kimono jackets
    • Shawls
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    Pull on tights. There are many benefits to wearing stockings during pregnancy. They can help prevent varicose veins and reduce swelling. In addition, they keep your legs warm in the winter. While you can wear nude tights, try mixing things up with some brightly colored designs. Tights also come in a wide array of patterns, such as floral or animal prints.[4]
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    Start wearing hats. Maternity clothing can be limited in terms of style and fit. If you are worried about a drab wardrobe, you can try adding something new to your look. Hats are a great way to accessorize in funky ways, and—unlike the rest of your body—your hat size is unlikely to change during pregnancy. Best of all, hats can be purchased for relatively cheap, giving you an easy way to mix things up. Some fun hat styles include:
    • Floppy straw hats
    • Feminine cowboy hats
    • Fisherman caps
    • Trilbys or Fedoras
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    Acquire multipurpose accessories. You may not want to wear the same styles over and over again during the next nine months. Try to find accessories that can be worn in multiple ways. These will help you keep your outfits fresh and interesting.
    • You can clip broaches and pins onto your jacket, purse, scarf, or hat.
    • Scarves can be worn around your neck, in your hair, or on your handbag.
    • If you're not wearing your cardigan, you can tie its sleeves loosely around your neck so that it drapes down your back.

Method 2
Accentuating Your Belly

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    Add a wide belt above your belly. You will want to find a belt with an elastic band. Place your band on top of your belly to create an empire-waist effect. You can wear the belt over a maternity blouse, sweater, or dress to give you shape while emphasizing your pregnant body.[5] Wide, chunky belts work the best for accentuating a pregnant belly. Some other options include:
    • Woven leather or fabric belts
    • Metallic or bright colors[6]
    • Cloth sashes
    • Bold belt buckles
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    Don a comfortable bra. Your breasts will most likely grow during your pregnancy. Show off your new assets by finding a well-fitted bra. Choose a bra with strong support. If it feels tight, it's too small. You do not want your breasts to be falling out of the bra, nor should your straps be leaving marks on your skin. You may decide to wear a push-up bra to maximize your curvy shape, or you can mix things up by getting a selection of lacy or colorful bras.
    • You can buy a special maternity bra, but you may not need a nursing bra until your third trimester.[7]
    • Be sure to be resized for a bra. You will need a larger size, and you want to minimize any discomfort or soreness you may have later on in the pregnancy. Ask a saleswoman in the store to measure you.
    • If you are having trouble finding a traditional bra that offers the right amount of support, you can get a sports bra. These come in many colors, and they can help emphasize your bosom.[8]
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    Wear a bold print. Pick a pattern that will both show off your personality and your growing belly. Checkered patterns, color blocks, and animal prints can add flare to your maternity wardrobe. If you are feeling especially bold, you can even try wearing stripes. Horizontal stripes will emphasize your baby bump.[9][10]
    • If you can’t find a good print for your clothing, pick a pair of patterned shoes that can add a bright spot to your outfit.

Method 3
Minimizing Your Belly

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    Catch the eye with chunky jewelry. Chunky, colorful bracelets and necklaces will draw attention away from your belly and towards your face. In addition, accent jewelry can make an outfit feel more lively and casual. Look for bright colors, metallic accents, and bold designs. The brighter your jewelry, the more lively your outfit.
    • Bulky stones or beads can spice up an outfit and draw attention towards your face.
    • Big bangles and bracelets will fit even if your wrists start swelling during pregnancy.
    • Large, dangling earrings can catch the eye.[11]
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    Match black tops with bright jackets. While dark colors can help slim your body, colors are flattering too. Get the best of both worlds by wearing a dark shirt underneath while having a burst of color on top. Choose a blazer or cardigan in bright jewel tone. This will make you look thin while cleverly overshadowing your baby bump.[12]
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    Drape a scarf around your neck. Scarves are great for cold weather clothing, and if worn correctly, they will elegantly fall over your belly, effectively disguising it.[13] There are several stylish ways you can tie a scarf to bring attention to your face and conceal your growing bump.
    • Wrap the scarf around your neck with the ends in front. Tie the ends, pulling the knot up towards your neck. Leave the ends resting against your belly.[14]
    • Drape the scarf against your neck with the ends hanging off your back. Wrap the scarf around your neck, bringing the ends to the front. Tuck the loose ends into the wrapped loop around your neck. Pull them out, and let the ends drape against your belly.[15]
    • Drape the scarf so that the ends are in the front. Tie a loose knot around one hand with one end of the scarf. Loosen the knot so that there is a small hole. Pull the other end of the scarf through to create a knotted necklace.[16]
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    Carry a large handbag. Bold, attention-grabbing colors and patterns on a handbag can provide a focal point and introduce a pop of color into your outfit. Large bags can also help hide the bump as you’re walking around town. Choose a bag with an interesting texture or print to draw attention away from your body.


  • Don’t be afraid to go bold. Being pregnant does not mean you have to only wear neutrals.
  • You don’t need to buy all new accessories. While you may want to invest in a few new pieces, you can also search your old wardrobe for new ideas.


  • Avoid bulky t-shirts or oversized pullovers. These may fit your stomach, but they will be baggy everywhere else.[17]

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