How to Accessorise Your Room

You're cool, fun and unique. You'll want your room to reflect that, won't you? But what if you don't know what to do or where to start? You're in the right place!


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    Decide what you want your room to appear as. If possible, try not to go for a theme. You like lots of different things,so your room revolving around just one thing will only make things difficult! An idea is to have a base colour, namely on your walls, and other colours around your room. Make a plan of the way your furniture will be laid out too. If you want a theme go for a theme that covers a lot of different interests. Ex: Get a modern bedspread and light then decorate with silver and blue.
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    If you're allowed to, find a colour you love for your walls. A sunny kinda girl? Maybe yellow or creamy white suits you best. Outgoing and confident? A light green or blue is for you. Girly and creative? Pink or purple?!
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    Always take good care when painting and cover everything up.
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    Think about your interests. Some examples are:
    • Music
    • Art
    • Films
    • Animals, etc.
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    Write a list down. It will come in handy later!
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    Start to move your furniture. Find good positions and make sure none of your furniture covers anything you want to see, i.e., a window. Empty stuff like desks and drawers before moving. Lay contents on bed and put back when finished. Donate anything you don't want to the charity shop and throw away anything which is too mucked up to keep. Empty your bin,too.
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    Tidy! It may sound boring but can actually be fun if you think positive and how great your room will look afterwards! Dust, wipe, anything you can.
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    So you've got all the other stuff out of the way.Guess what comes next? The fun part! Find a brilliant duvet, curtains, cushions...anything to give your room that relaxed and cozy feel. Change your sheets if necessary.
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    Arrange your stuff. Put make up and hair stuff on drawers and your stationary and files on your desk,or in the drawers if you have any in them.
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    Find nice ways to display your things. Use shelves and storage to contain everything! How about displaying all your collections too? Put all your books on bookshelves. How about some teddies on a nearby shelf? Get organized.
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    And at last, for the final part, accessories! Put up your fave posters and frame photos. Use a noticeboard for reminders and show your favourite art. Put up pics of your fave music stars (look at your list for inspiration). Get a fountain light or fairy lights to make your room magical. Use your imagination and add anything else!
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    Stand back and admire your new room.


  • Make sure you love your new room to bits!
  • Write a few nice poems and make a book to flick through. Have magazines and books close to look at in bed.
  • Put on music to get the mood going while your in there for as long as you like!
  • Put items on shelves in groups of three for added balance.
  • Open the curtains to look lighter.
  • You can also stick up your most treasured letters.
  • No room looks good without your personality! Use it!
  • How about a fun lamp or decorating your noticeboard with paint and sequins?
  • For your door,you can put up a decorated sign saying something like: Izzy's room! Please knock! for example.
  • Add some of your own items such as any fluffy blankets or cushions to help the room feel like home.
  • Make sure your room is completely cozy!


  • Keep your room tidy
  • Try to avoid junk in your room.
  • Keep food out of your room.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint(if painting)
  • Someone to help if needed
  • Storage stuff
  • Furniture
  • Accessories to put in your room
  • Tidying tools, i.e., a vacuum cleaner

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