wikiHow to Access a Motorola Modem

Your Motorola router processes the signal from your internet service provider and transmits it to your network. The modem doesn't typically need to be interfered with, but if you’re having connection difficulties and suspect your modem is at fault, checking the status is a quick and easy process. Follow this guide to learn how.


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    Open your web browser. You can access the Motorola modem through any web browser on a computer or device that is connected to your network.
    • If you are attempting to access your router, check out this guide. Your router is where you can access wireless security, port forwarding, and other network settings.
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    Enter the modem address into the browser bar. Most Motorola modems can be accessed by entering into the address bar and pressing enter. Loading the page may take a few moments.[1]
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    Read the status report. After the page has loaded, you will be presented with your modem’s status report. Here you can verify that everything is working as it should. The numbers shown are only a snapshot of the current status.
    • Uptime: This is how long your modem has been powered on.
    • CM Status: This is your Cable Modem status. A working cable modem should display OPERATIONAL.
    • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): This is how much interference your signal has. The higher the reading the better, and it should be above 25-27.
    • Power: This is a measurement of the incoming signal strength. Lower numbers, including negative, can correlate to a poor signal. The recommended range for Downstream power is -12 dB to +12 dB, and the recommended range for Upstream power is 37 dB to 55 dB[2]


  • Firmware for your Motorola modem is generally applied by your Internet Service Provider.


  • Customizing your modem's settings can cause certain devices function improperly. Research what each setting does and what it may affect before altering the performance of any functions. You changes may affect other users on the network as well.

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