How to Accept Your Freckles

Three Methods:Viewing Your Freckles in a Positive WayAvoiding Negative Thoughts About Your FrecklesUsing Makeup to Enhance Your Freckles

You may bemoan the freckles on your face and the freckles all over your body. These small spots might seem unattractive or unsightly to you, but there are ways you can learn to accept and appreciate them. You can start to view your freckles in a positive way and understand how your freckles developed on your skin. You can also use makeup to enhance the freckles on your face so they complement your overall look.

Method 1
Viewing Your Freckles in a Positive Way

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    Look up celebrities with freckles. It may help you to feel more confident and beautiful with a face full of freckles if you look up celebrities who are known for their freckles. In recent times, more and more celebrities with freckles are being appreciated for their beauty and their unique look. Gone are the days where freckles are considered unsightly or unattractive, at least in mainstream media and pop culture.[1]
    • Known celebrities with freckles include actresses such as Julianne Moore, Lucy Liu, Emma Stone and Alia Shawkat. There are also well known actors with freckles, such as Eddie Redmayne, Jesse Williams, Damian Lewis, and Cillian Murphy.
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    Find a role model who has freckles. You can also view your freckles in a positive way by seeking out role models who sport freckles on their face and/or body. Having a positive role model who has freckles will allow you to see your own freckles as something to be proud of and encourage you not to hide or cover up your freckles.[2]
    • You may have a close family member who has freckles like you, such as an aunt or an uncle. Or, you may have a friend you look up to who has freckles and is still successful, happy, and secure.
    • You may also have another role model like a teacher, a coach, or a mentor who has freckles. Noticing freckles in people you admire may help you learn how to accept them as part of who you are.
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    Notice the popularity of freckles in fashion and pop culture. Though freckles may have been seen as blemishes or negative marks in the past, freckles have become a popular beauty trend in magazines and on the Internet. Having freckles naturally could give you an advantage, as you do not need to paint on freckles to fit in with the trend.[3] [4]
    • Freckles are such a popular beauty trend that models on the runway are being given fake freckles by makeup artists. Freckles are valued on the catwalk for their youthful appearance and ability to add interesting detail to a bare makeup face.[5]

Method 2
Avoiding Negative Thoughts About Your Freckles

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    Try to see your freckles as part of your unique appearance. You can banish negative thoughts about your freckles by trying to view them as an essential and beneficial part of your appearance. Your genetic makeup makes you appear unique and different from others. But appearing different from others can be a positive thing, as it can allow you to stand out and be noticed for your interesting look.
    • The next time you catch yourself thinking something negative about your freckles, try to reframe it as something positive. For example, if you catch yourself thinking, "I hate my freckles," then you can reframe it to something like, "My freckles are part of who I am. They are part of what makes me special."[6]
    • You may get in the habit of looking at your freckles in the mirror every day and being grateful for their appearance. Remind yourself that you would not be you without your freckles and that these marks make you uniquely beautiful and attractive.
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    Pay attention to the compliments you receive about your freckles. It can be easy to only focus on the negative portrayals of freckles in the media and pop culture and filter out all the positive things about having freckles.[7] Try to remember the times when you received compliments about your freckles. Focus on the positive comments that you have heard from others about your freckles so you are less negative about them. Combat mental filtering by focusing on nice compliments and letting them sink in.[8]
    • For example, maybe a close friend recently commented that your freckles make you look sunkissed, or an acquaintance commented on how your freckles bring warmth to your face. Focus on these comments rather than any negative comments you have heard about your freckles.
    • If you are involved with someone romantically, then your partner may tell you that he or she finds your freckles attractive, cute, or sexy. Focus on these comments rather than any negative ideas that you have about your freckles.
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    Repeat positive affirmations about your freckles. You can also use positive affirmations to remove negative thoughts about your freckles from your thoughts. Positive affirmations can be good daily reminders to embrace your whole self, freckles and all.[9]
    • Make sure you always use “I” statements for your positive affirmations. For example, you may say to yourself every morning, “I will embrace and love my freckles”, “I think my freckles are beautiful and unique”, or “I believe my freckles make me more attractive.”
    • You may repeat these affirmations in front of a mirror in the morning before you get ready for the day or at night before you go to bed. Try to repeat your positive affirmations at least once a day so you are full of positive thoughts about your freckles. Over time, you may come to embrace and accept your freckles as a positive aspect of who you are.

Method 3
Using Makeup to Enhance Your Freckles

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    Use a tinted moisturizer or a mineral face powder. Applying foundation to your face if you have freckles can be tricky, as it can turn your beautiful freckles a gray, blotchy color. You can avoid this by skipping the foundation and using a product with lighter coverage, such as a tinted moisturizer or a mineral face powder. This way, your skin tone still looks even but the color of your freckles are still intact. [10][11]
    • You may look for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer at your local beauty store or online. You can apply these products with your fingers or with a makeup brush.
    • You can also try a mineral powder in your skin tone. Apply it with a brush for lighter coverage.
    • If you need to cover up a blemish on your face, make sure you apply concealer in small amounts right on the blemish. Avoid putting concealer on large areas of your face, as it can make your freckles look patchy or only partly covered.
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    Wear bronzer and blush. You can give your face a more sunkissed glow by applying bronzer and blush over your tinted moisturizer or mineral powder. This can enhance your freckles and even out your skin tone. Use a large makeup brush to apply the bronzer and blush on your freckled face.[12]
    • To apply the bronzer, put a small amount of the bronzer on the make up brush. Then, gently make a number “3” on the side of your face, starting from the top of your forehead to around your eye, and then down your jawline. Repeat these steps on the other side of your face.
    • To apply the blush, put a small amount on the makeup brush. Then, apply one to two swipes of blush on the apples of your cheeks, right above your cheekbones.
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    Try a bold lip color. Because you will be wearing fairly neutral makeup, with only tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and blush, you can go bold with your lip color. Try a bold red lip color or a bright pink lip color. Have fun with different colors so your makeup still stands out on your freckled face.[13]
    • You can also play up your eyes by applying colored eye shadow. You may try to play off your eyeshadow color with your lip color. You can also select eye shadow based on your skin tone and your eye color. Read more about choosing makeup colors so your look appears polished and put together, freckles and all.

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