How to Accept Your Boyfriend's Friends

You love your boyfriend, but not his friends? It doesn't matter what your personal opinion of his friends are, you just have to realize that he likes these people and you're going to have to accept them - if you want to keep him, that is. Trying to get to know them is a good place to start!


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    Be independent. Don't just talk to your boyfriend's friends whenever you are with him. If you see them in the hall, at lunch, in the store or to them or wave to them! Seem sincere about getting to know them.
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    Listen to your boyfriend talk about them. Whenever he tells stories about him and his friends, actually listen and maybe ask some questions.
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    Categorize them. Once you spend some time "doing research" on his friends be reasonable.
    • Who is his best friend?
    • Which one can you trust?
    • Who does he not really like after all?
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    Knowing what kind of person each one of them is will benefit you in the long run. For example:
    • Which one could you go to if you needed help with your boyfriend?
    • Which one do you have to worry about him getting into trouble with?
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    Let the "good ones" spend time with him. Give your boyfriend freedom and time to hang out with his friends, and you should hang out with your friends too. If there is someone who you think is really not good for your boyfriend then tell him (but tell him politely without offending him). Leave your boyfriend alone when he's with his friends, don't let them think your boyfriend is whipped!
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    Don't be jealous. If your boyfriend has other female friends there is no doubt that you will get extremely jealous and you'll constantly have to feel like a spy. Don't automatically hate these girls just because they are friends with your man. You don't have to be all fake and become "BFF!" with these girls. Just get to know them and make sure that they are already dating or "talking" to someone else. Just like the guys, get to know them too before jumping to any conclusions.
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    Be especially respectful of his best friend. At times his best friend may take issue with you or seem to be over protective. Make a special effort to understand and appreciate them, they are your best ally in the end. Respect their time together and do not intrude. If not, your boyfriend my end up losing his best friend and over time he will end up resenting you over it.


  • Don't ever make your boyfriend choose between you and his friends because you're asking for trouble!
  • If your boyfriend is having friendship problems with any of his friends, keep your nose out of it. Be there for support but never give him advice on what to do unless you're asked.
  • Realize that they won't all like you and they won't want you hanging around all the time either!
  • Don't spend too much time with his friends or your guy might get the wrong idea.
  • Don't spy on your boyfriend or try too hard to find out information!
  • Don't overreact to his friends.
  • Get to know their girlfriends too and maybe while your guys have a night out, the girls should too!
  • If this issue really bothers you that much, you could just get a loner for a boyfriend. Then you don't have to deal with the friends he doesn't have.


  • If you don't trust your boyfriend and never believe him, then he will become fed up so learn to believe and trust him before you lose him!

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