How to Accept the Way It Is

You see, the way It is is a work-in-progress and you're one of the designers. There's a canvas, an array of brushes & every colour that's visible to the human eye. There are also some things that just are. You only get to paint your own canvas, for one, each of us has our own. The canvas has edges, these are natural boundaries to where you can paint. Think of them as guides. All you have to decide is where to start. That's just the way it is.


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    Take a deep breath, exhale slowly & smile fondly at the world.
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    Be thankful that you're not the one in charge of this beautiful melee. Our ways have developed with good intelligence & warm hearts & these things have been the way for good reason, even if you don't happen to like it right now. People generally behave with good intentions, even if they get it wrong, so try to gain some clarity on this. We can evolve better ways as we always build on the ideas, understanding and strengths of what we know. Create with good heart and also respect that right now things are as they are.
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    Get a grip. You have everything you need inside you. You will find your way and if you try just a little, the way it is is that the universe will help, sometimes in a surprising way and always good.
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    Remember that you do not know everything yet. You may learn something in 5 minutes or 15 years that will make perfect beautiful sense of everything you're struggling with right now. You may yet become glad things are the way they are. Or perhaps your experiences will enable you to help someone else someday. Perhaps you will grow & express yourself more openly allowing others the ease to be more open with you and in their own lives. Time changes many thoughts.
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    If you struggle with what is, you'll hurt yourself. It doesn't stop most of us having a good go at times anyway, so crack on there, have at it for a bit. But know when to stop. Give it a good, hard stare. Face it, unafraid, with good grace.
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    Decide what you would like to do about it. Think outside your norm if you like, but stop short at anything which will in anyway harm. For that is not the way. Nor is fear. Be creative, listen to your wisest, clearest inner voice. Look at what will make you proud of yourself, honestly, now and in 20 years time. How would you like it to be? When you have peace in your heart, despite everything going on around you, you'll find what you need. The way is the one which glows, makes you feel most alright about everything & has least boulders on the path.
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    Figure out what's driving you, is it ego? Our egos love a bit of drama. They usually make a mess. Are you thinking from your heart, centred, working for the highest good of everything & harming none? Is love, honest, genuine, undemanding love where you're coming from? It should be, for the best results.
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    Find some trust in yourself. Know yourself, know your strengths & flaws & run your plan by these, see how you could develop strengths & replace unhealthy habits with positive, happy ones. Shine your light, radiate your unique, beautiful, wonderful ways in the world. Accept and acknowledge the parts of you you're not liking just now, see ways you can begin to heal them.
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    Be nice to yourself & give yourself a hug. Simple as that.
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    Invest, not necessarily financially, in being the warmest, kindest, most contented you you can be.
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    Mostly, breathe.


  • Your thoughts create your emotions, your perspective & therefore your reality. Work hard to keep these positive. Though not to the point of delusion.
  • Laugh whenever you can.
  • Go easy on yourself. There may be things you need to do, do them. But don't beat yourself with a big stick. You'll get more out of the whole experience and yourself if you ease off & look after yourself a bit.
  • Reiki. Yoga. Cycling. Gardening. Nature. Whatever puts you in touch with your spirited self.
  • Stand & look at a mountain.
  • Focus on things that inspire you, it'll help you recover some strength.
  • Compassion.
  • Give yourself some space & say "no" to people when you feel the need. Say "yes" to people when you feel the need.


  • Remember it's not all about you.
  • Some decisions are forever things. Don't get carried away with negative emotions. Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Some things are transient, like a friend's strong opinion or a current circumstance or pressure. Make decisions based on a longer view - what will you feel good about in time to come?

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