How to Accept Being a Tall Girl

Four Parts:Accepting Your HeightPresenting YourselfTaking Advantage of Your HeightDealing with Other People's Reactions

Girls everywhere struggle with different challenges brought on by being tall. Girls who are tall often have to accept that they cannot buy pants at all of the stores that their friends shop at and that standard sleeves ride up their arms. Tall girls have to deal with the thoughtless people who make comments about being taller than others, as if it's some sort of benefit or drawback they're qualified to comment on, without respecting that it's simply a fact of being. Then there are the stereotypical notions of girls being shorter than the boys they date. What's a tall girl to do? Embrace the reality and live well.

Part 1
Accepting Your Height

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    Be positive about your height. For every time you complain about your height, think or say three things that are positive about it. For example:
    • Being tall can mean that you're fast and strong, provided you work out sufficiently and take good care of your health and body.
    • Taller girls may have an easier time dealing with weight.[citation needed] However, this doesn't excuse you from healthy eating; every person owes it to themselves to eat well.
    • Being tall can help you to be successful at sports, modeling, and the like.[citation needed]
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    Don't compare your weight to other girls that are shorter. It doesn't mean you are fat if you weigh more than your shorter friends, you are supposed to gain about five pounds per inch. Same goes for food: your taller, so your body needs more food than the body of a smaller person. .

Part 2
Presenting Yourself

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    Try not to slouch. You can do wonders for your health and self image if you learn how to stand up straight. Slouching can cause back problems and permanent posture issues for the rest of your life. Slouching can actually make you look taller than you already are. When you slouch you appear more insecure to others, which invites ridicule and negative attention to your height. Standing tall builds confidence.
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    Wear clothes that fit. No matter how cute the clothes are, only buy them if they fit. Nice clothes that fit can help you feel better about your physical appearance. On the other hand, clothes that don't fit can detract from your self-confidence by drawing attention to your size:
    • Pants that are too short can make you look taller.
    • Tops that don't fit can make you look bigger, lankier, more awkward.
    • Clothes that don't fit can only invite ridicule and negative attention to your height.
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    Smile and let your personality shine through. First impressions may be hard for tall girls, but just let your shining personality win their hearts. When people make comments or ask questions about your height, don't blush and be embarrassed, many times they are paying you a compliment. Smile and say thank you. Answer them with the facts about how tall you are and what you think about what they said. You will appear more confident.
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    Focus on being graceful. Being tall can be a big advantage in being graceful.[citation needed]

Part 3
Taking Advantage of Your Height

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    Try activities that take advantage of being tall. If you like basketball or volleyball, you can learn to use your height to your advantage. If that's not your thing, try other activities where being tall can be an advantage, such as: Dance, modeling, rock climbing, road cycling, high jumping, and more.[citation needed] These physical activities can help you become more comfortable and confident about being tall. Whatever you do, find things that you are good at, success builds confidence.
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    Learn to sew your own clothes. You are your own best clothes horse and fitting model. Have fun designing things that fit you beautifully. That way, you can stop bemoaning that the things in the shop don't fit or are too costly.
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    Reach up. Being tall has its advantages, like being able to reach higher shelves. Use it to help the people who can't reach those shelves. Be a ray of light in other people's lives by helping where you can; it's a really great ice breaker and a terrific way of making new friends of all ages.

Part 4
Dealing with Other People's Reactions

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    Brush off rude comments. Disrespectful comments about your height are often a sign of jealousy, wannabe syndrome or just plain mean-spirited. If somebody says something stupid about your height just laugh along, don't take it personally.
    • When boys and girls make fun of your height, many times it is because they are insecure. Some boys and girls don't like standing next to tall girls because they feel intimidated.
    • Don't let your self esteem be negatively affected by this. You are just perfect the way you are.
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    Have smart, quick replies at the ready. If someone says to you "short people are better" say back "respectful people are better than those who judge people for their height."
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    Stand and walk tall. If you appear confident and straighten yourself up on the street you might experience less street harassment than shorter women because many men feel intimidated by tall women.[citation needed]
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    Date whomever you want. Size isn't the determinant of suitability. Compatibility doesn't design itself around the size of another person. If you want to date a shorter guy or girl, that's your business, nobody else's. Enjoy the relationship, not the comparisons. Live large, enjoy your love life.


  • Do what you love even if your height sets you back from it.
  • Look up to other tall women. There are many famous tall and beautiful people.
  • Many specialty tall girl stores have inseams up to 37", but can also be far more expensive than department stores.
  • Taller girls are physically stronger and faster then shorter girls.[citation needed]
  • Know that most tall guys prefer to date taller girls.[citation needed]


  • Some girls might be jealous of you.
  • Some boys might be intimidated by you. (And if they are, try not to take it personally!)
  • Not all clothes will fit.

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