How to Accept an Offer on UCAS

Three Methods:Log In to UCASReply to Your Offers by the Reply DateContact UCAS if You Missed the Reply Date

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the non-profit organization in charge of processing applications to most undergraduate degree programs in the United Kingdom. Every year, UCAS manages over 2 million college applications and helps students pick the right courses.

Method 1
Log In to UCAS

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    Wait for an email from UCAS stating that there has been a change in your application. The email will arrive when UCAS has received responses to all of the applications you sent, and when you have at least 1 offer waiting for you.
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    Visit the UCAS website and log into Track. Use the personal ID and password you created when you started the application process. A login reminder service is available on the UCAS website if you forgot your ID or password. UCAS will send a letter to your home address if you did not provide a valid email address.
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    Look for the reply date listed with your offers. Failure to reply to your offers by the reply date will result in all of your offers being declined. The reply date is subject to change annually.

Method 2
Reply to Your Offers by the Reply Date

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    Make a firm acceptance to your preferred school. You can only make 1 firm acceptance.
    • Accept an unconditional offer to tell a university you will be attending there, meaning you decline any other offers you have.
    • Accept a conditional offer to tell the university you will be attending if you meet the conditions associated with the offer.
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    Choose an insurance acceptance if you made a firm acceptance on a conditional offer. You are entitled to make 1 insurance acceptance, but you are not required to do so.
    • Picking the insurance acceptance option for one of the other schools that made you an offer will give you a back-up option in the event that you don't meet the required conditions for a conditional offer you accepted.
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    Decline all other offers once you make a firm acceptance on an unconditional or conditional offer. If you don't want to accept any of the offers, you can choose to decline them all.

Method 3
Contact UCAS if You Missed the Reply Date

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    Call UCAS. If you are calling from within the United Kingdom, the number is 0871 468 0 468. If you call from outside the United Kingdom, the number is 0044 871 468 0 468. UCAS's customer service unit is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 18:00 GMT.
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    Mail a letter to UCAS if you were unable to get the information you needed over the phone. The UCAS mailing address is Customer Service Unit, UCAS, PO Box 28, Cheltenham, GL52 3LZ. You can also obtain general information by e-mailing UCAS at

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